STRUCTURAL ALIGNMENT, The ‘missing link for Shiatsu practitioners’, 7-9 & 28-30 SEPTEMBER 2018, EDINBURGH

at the Healthy Life Centre, Bread St, Edinburgh.

£540, £270 for repeat students

£150 non-refundable and non-transferrable secures your place

Early bird payment in full £490 by 1st June 2018

Instalment payments available



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Central Channel course, Edinburgh 2017, participants comments

Nourishing, inspiring, challenging and enjoyable. I feel very grateful and privileged to be studying this work. It’s permaculture bodywork – lots of observation and minimal adjustment for maximum effect. Subtle yet very profound. Thanks Liz, it was awesome. Kate.

I learnt valuable life tools. The ability to affect powerful changes within the body with very gentle effort. Quality and clear instructions. Thank you for your loving guidance over the weekends. Paul.

How powerful this work is, without draining the practitioner.

Time was given to the the receiver’s feedback which helped make sense of the practical work in action.

Enlightening and inspiring.

I love the proprioceptive exercises. They have a profound effect on one’s own sense of where they are and they help me reach a true place in myself – towards healing. Dawn


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New monthly practice and review classes in Edinburgh 2017

I am planning monthly practice classes (Tuesdays 7-9pm) in Spring and review classes of GV/Spine, CV/Hara and Central Channel courses in the autumn at the Healthy Life Centre, Bread St, Edinburgh. Dates to be confirmed.

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20% discount on first 2 treatments for members of Waverley Tennis Academy, Edinburgh.

As a keen and regular tennis player of the Waverley Tennis Academy in Edinburgh I am offering my expertise to members of WTA at a 20% discount on your first two treatments. Shiatsu Shin Tai is an excellent way to help recover from niggling injuries, sore muscles and to relax after a tough match. Discount price is £40 for 75 minutes.
Call 0794 004 1114 to make a booking.

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2015 course – CV/Hara in Edinburgh

New course for 2015- CV/Hara

September 25-27 &  October 23-25 at the Healthy Life Centre, 34, Bread St, Edinburgh. £460 for 6 days. £150 deposit (non-refundable or transferable) secures your place. Early bird £430 paid in full by 1st June 2015.Shiatsu_124

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Why Study Shin Tai?

Would you like to:

Be more effective and confident in your practice?

Increase your client base and earning potential?

Learn evolving energetic ways of treating the whole body which can be easily assimilated into your present treatments?


One of the key aspects of Shin Tai is that it helps people let go of past traumas and future anxieties so they can be more in the present moment.


Saul’s passion for body work led him to develop Shin Tai (‘source body’) over many years. His fusion of energy work is taken from many diverse practices – Chiropractic, Kinesiology, Polarity Therapy and Cranio-Sacral Therapy with Shiatsu, Macrobiotics and Oriental Medicine underpinning it all. Saul himself met Masanaga in New York in the 70s attending lectures that included chiropractic adjustments.


Shiatsu Shin Tai is a complete body work that trains the practitioner to have a huge range of tools to treat everyone from babies to those at the end of life. Whether working on the Governing Vessel and Spine, Conception Vessel and Hara, Chakras, Fascia, Structure or Central Channel the aim is the same – to restore life force that has been trapped or compressed through our experiences and to return motion, alignment, will and vitality to the body and mind.


My classes are hard work, challenging at times and fun!

There is emphasis on personal development using Proprioceptive Exercises (guided meditations and gentle stretching to bring ease and space to the body). These allow you to tune into the sensations in your body at a deep level, refine ‘your inner guidance system’ to understand the information coming from your receiver while you treating them. This allows you to discover what the priority of treatment is in the body at that time so that you can be as effective and efficient with your time and energy as possible. Your clients will gain confidence in your abilities and this can turn your practice into a great success. For clients, learning Proprioceptive exercises increases the effective of any treatment you receive because it increases your awareness of the sensations in your body.


There is Anatomy & Physiology information, detailed explanations of techniques and lots of practice in class. E.g The fascia, how it works, why we have it and how it assists the movement of Qi. Using simple yet highly effective gentle techniques fascia work is particularly useful with clients in acute pain, tender joints or the elderly.

 My next Shin Tai event is in Edinburgh THURSDAY 27th November 2014 which is open to clients and practitioners of ALL body work.

Contact Liz 0794 004 1114

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Why I love Shin Tai!

Why I love Shiatsu Shin Tai – Liz Arundel MRSS T

 My personal and professional experience of receiving and giving Shin Tai is it empowers, transforms and nourishes me on many levels.

 I discovered Shiatsu 30 years ago in the East West Centre in London. From my first lesson, sitting on chairs in a circle learning a basic neck and shoulder treatment, I realised I had found ‘home’. I left my job a few months and it has been my vocation ever since.

I became one of the youngest teachers in the Shiatsu Society in the 1980s and as the EW Centre became a magnet for world-class Shiatsu teachers, I learnt from the best: Ohashi, Pauline Sasaki, Yamamoto and many Macrobiotic teachers including Saul Goodman. He became my mentor and I still receive regular instruction from him.

I started my training with Saul in 1986 after just 2 years of Shiatsu study at the British School of Shiatsu-Do in London. I have found Shin Tai to be constant source of inspiration and fascination for my practice. As someone who gets bored quickly I would have quit Shiatsu long ago if I hadn’t discovered this evolutionary material and way of treating the body and mind.

For 13 years I didn’t see Saul while I raised my family in the Highlands and taught at the Glasgow School of Shiatsu. But I kept reading his books, my class notes and practicing Shin Tai until he returned to teach in the UK in 2006.

Through those isolated years my clients continued to give me positive feedback that the treatments were working for them on many levels. Symptoms cleared up quite quickly and many felt the treatments were working in much deeper ways. This expressed itself in them feeling they had more space and ease in their body, they were getting ‘back on their path’, were able to express how they wanted to be in the world or felt more fulfilled and creative in different areas of life.

 Since 2010 I have undergone intense training with other European Teachers to pass on Saul’s work. I am the most experienced Shin Tai teacher in the UK and the only one in Scotland. I wish to share my love and passion for this work with others. I am currently teaching in Edinburgh, London and Budapest.


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2017 Central Channel course – 16-18 June & 14-16 July, Edinburgh

Liz, Kindy and Petra holding the contacts for Stage5/6

There are several courses that the Shin Tai (‘Source Body’) programme covers: GV and Spine, CV and Hara, Light Body Activation, Chakras, Fascia, Structural and               The Central Channel.They all have at their heart the same aim – to restore life force that has been trapped or compressed through our experiences and return motion and alignment in the body.

Shin Tai also naturally dove-tails into any other form of body work, especially Shiatsu because they are both get Chi moving.

For me the masterpiece of Shiatsu Shin Tai is the Central Channel training because it is the most effective and the most elusive in which to excel. All our classes include Proprioceptive exercises to enhance our awareness in our own bodies and to improve our sensitivity to the condition of our receivers. I find these exercise give me confidence in what I’m feeling and sensing in my client- very helpful for CC work.

There are six stages or patterns of stress that we learn in The Central Channel and they all have a correspondence to the attachments of the meninges and the relationship between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves. The touch is very light and non-intrusive. As the receiver’s energy system starts to relax and open, the giver takes their hands off to let the body process the contact before going to treat the next stress pattern that is emerging. There are clear signs and patterns that we can see and feel in the body to identify each stage.

Stage 1 is  Stuck in the Past. The occiput is the main area of contact which is interesting as it is the origin, along with the sacrum, of the GV channel. In the foetus it’s the beginning of the spinal column forming.

Stage 2 is Fear of the Future and involves the Atlas, Cervical 1, C4, 5 6. The origin of this stage is Osteopathic and how the occiput and C1 and C5 interact using a head turning test.

Stage 3 is about Identity and Sexuality. The areas of contact are around the pelvis and thigh.

Stage 4 relates to our Beliefs and how we relate to the world. C2, the axis, and C3 are treated.

Stage 5 is Integration and Synthesis of the all the other stages and involves several contacts at the neck and sacral areas.

Stage 6 treats the Structure with soft tissue releases of the spine, pelvis and cranium. This is often an area which is overlooked by Shiatsu practitioners and can have a profound effect on the body when integrated with energy work.

Stage 5 contact

All or some of these stages can come up in a treatment, in any order and that is the fascinating aspect of Central Channel. I’m sure you are familiar with these stages in yourself and your clients’ experiences. The stages are a conglomeration from other bodywork that Saul added to, expanded upon, and adapted to an energetic orientation.  He later created the Advanced CC work and also the 3 phases of motion which provide a framework for how to move through the stages with other Shin Tai techniques that are appropriate during each part of a treatment.  Saul expanded the stages by listening carefully to his clients’ responses to where he was contacting their energy and by their comments afterwards. Often clients reported a sense of ease and relief on many levels and he noticed that they were regaining their will to deal with past trauma and future anxieties and so be more in present time. When life force streams into the present time, we start to appreciate small things as well as the big things. Eg. Seeing the extraordinary in the mundane, feeling immense gratitude for small gestures.


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Treatments feedback week of 5th May 2014

‘I feel 3 inches taller and 10 years younger after today’s treatment.  You’ve helped me a great deal over the years – especially through recovery from radio therapy and hormone therapy, which was a depressing time for me. All your treatments have reflected my mood and physical condition. Thank you for all you’ve done.’ Keith.

‘I feel soft as if I have no bones. I have a warm glow in my upper body.’ Christine.          (This lady had acute sciatica, brought on by lifting, which went after 3 treatments.)

‘I feel invigorated and warm, especially in my upper body.’ Linda                                      (This lady has arthritis in her hands and wrists.)

‘Almost 20 years ago I was told I would need a new hip as my groin pain was coming from my pelvis. Thanks to Liz’s treatments over the years I did not need a hip replacement. I take no medication and still enjoy my golf and tai chi. I cannot recommend Liz and Shiatsu highly enough.’                                                                                                                            Isobel McIntosh, past Captain of the Scottish International Ladies Golf Team.




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Structural Alignment and Central Channel review courses – Budapest October 2014

Liz will be taking the  5 day Structural course to Budapest 20-25 October & 

2 day review of the Central Channel 26-27 October 2014.

‘Central Channel work is powerful and there’s a lot of theory and practice to absorb. Liz eases you through it with her sense of humour and passion. Not only is this work improving my practice, it’s changing my life.’ Caroline Bozkurt, Shiatsu practitioner for 16 years.

Dates and venue to be confirmed. The Structural course is open to ALL body workers.

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