Receiving Shin Tai is like going on a personal healing journey that only requires your intention to feel well, experience creativity and enjoy life.

‘My Mum has magic hands’
Caitlin Arundel, daughter

‘Almost 20 years ago, I was told I would need a new hip as my groin pain was coming from my pelvis. Thanks to Liz, I didn’t need a hip replacement and have received Liz’s treatments over many years to maintain my health. I take no medication and continue to enjoy my golf and tai chi. I cannot recommend Liz and Shiatsu highly enough.’               Isobel McIntosh, past Captain of Scottish International Ladies Golf Team.


‘Liz was recommended to me when I was having trouble with a shoulder which previous treatments hadn’t been able to help. She cleared the pain after two treatments and has been helping me over many years.’
Paddy Hunter (84 years old).

‘A luxurious ‘time out’ to relax and be healed, a preventative measure against all kinds of ills.’
Anne Perry, International best-selling author.

‘When I was fitter and more vigorous I found Shiatsu took away all muscular tension, making me feel very relaxed generally. Latterly, since having radiotherapy and hormone treatment for prostate cancer, I have found Shiatsu particularly helpful in restoring energy, coping with aches and pains and general tiredness.’
Keith Miller.

‘I first had Shiatsu 8 years ago, after my husband died and when I was at a low ebb. It not only helped my mood and mental health, it improved my well being. Shiatsu relaxes my body and relieves pain and anxiety. It has become part of my life.’
Joyce Sproul.