2015 Course- CV/Hara. 2016 course – GV/Spine

New Course in 2015 – CV/Hara in Edinburgh

September 25-27 &  October 23-25

The Healthy Life Centre, 34, Bread St,  Edinburgh. £460 for 6 days.

£150 deposit (non-refundable or transferable) secures your place.

Early bird £430 paid in full by 1st June 2015.









 This course involves the practical approach of treating the CV via the Hara (abdomen). With the theory that by treating the hara, the whole body benefits, the life force is circulated and so potential and creative energies have the potential to emerge.


  • Hara treatment for the increasing resonance and recovering life force
  • Hara treatment for improving circulation
  • Hara treatment for digestion and elimination
  • Hara treatment for neuro-muscular pain
  • CV and fascia work
  • Passive adjustments of hip structure and leg length

Evaluation tools:

  • General hara diagnosis
  • Walking diagnosis
  • Hip evaluation
  • Supine leg length check


Comments on the previous CV/Hara course:

‘Liz is an inspiring and passionate teacher. The Shin Tai material has given me a deeper awareness of the power of touch for healing ourselves and others. I’m leaving the course today feeling very nourished by it all and excited about trying out these techniques.’ Blanche

‘Liberating to not have to do hara diagnosis or work meridians.’ Susie

‘Great atmosphere. Easing into the depths of peace.’ Frank

A very inspiring workshop. Taking me back to some roots. It was nice to revisit ‘touch’ and ‘sense’ from a non-meridian approach. It was like coming home. Carol-Anne

‘The fascial release was powerful. A really interesting and enjoyable course!’ Janie




Comments on the GV/Spine course






‘I’ve learnt so much on so many levels-from anatomy to how these techniques feel in my own body’. Blanche

‘The Three Phases of Resonance and the sacral work were really interesting’. Eileen

‘Seeing the emotional/mental as well as physical releases.’ Grace

‘Fab! Liz is an inspiring teacher.’  Stephen


For further information please telephone Liz :

Mobile:  0794 004 1114

Email Liz here


The Healthy Living  Centre – click here for directions.