Friday 6th-Sunday 8th OCTOBER & Friday 3rd-Sunday 5th NOVEMBER, 10-5pm

Samye Dzong, 7, Ashley Street, Glasgow, G3 6DR

£575 early bird paid in full by 1st June 2023

£100 non refundable/non transferable deposit secures your place

£625 full price paid in full by 1st September 2023

I’m excited to be back teaching this wonderful 6 day Shin Tai course in Glasgow. Treating the Conception Vessel and Hara frees the body and mind to begin creating and manifesting all manner of dreams and ideas that may have lain dormant for years, unrealised and unforfilled.

The course uses many techniques on the viscera, shoulders, clavicles, neck and hip treatments. Fascial releases help aid the smooth flow of Qi and letting go of emotional tension. Proprioceptive exercises increase the practitioner’s perception and awareness during the treatment.

Places limited so please let me know if you would like to attend.

This post graduate and CPD course is open to Shiatsu graduates and other body workers including physiotherapist, massagse therapists, osteopaths and chiropractors.

0794 004 114

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Resuming work Monday 26th April & weekly Zoom Qi Gong and meditation classes

It looks like I will be able to resume giving treatments at my home from MONDAY 26th APRIL. Yippee! I am really looking forward to seeing my clients and I will be contacting them in the next few days to book in with me. Clients will be treated whether they have had the Covid vaccine or not.

Social distancing and mask wearing will be observed at all times by myself and clients. I have added time between clients to allow for cleaning and disinfecting all treatment and bathroom areas.

Also, my Zoom Qi Gong & meditation classes on MONDAY’S 12-1pm is still going on so call me of you want to join in. It’s £5 a class or £20 for a calendar month.

0794 004 114

All the best, Liz

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I am back giving treatments!

I started work again at the beginning of August in my home clinic in Nairn. It is great to be treating and seeing clients after so long.

There a few changes due to the Covid guidelines for working as issued by the Shiatsu Society, UK.

I will phone you the night before to check if you have any Covid symptoms: high fever, persistent dry cough, loss or change of smell or taste. If you have any of these symptoms, please do not come for treatment. If you have been in touch with anyone with these symptoms, seek medical advice.

You will be asked to use hand sanitiser when you enter the lobby and to go directly into the treatment room on the right.

You do not need to wear a face mask unless you want to do so.

There will be a fresh towel to use in the bathroom.

I will be wearing a face shield while you are with me.

I will not be working on your hands or face for the present time.

Please use the hand sanitizer as you leave.

If you have any questions, please phone me before the treatment.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

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Resuming my clinic when Covid restrictions are lifted.

As yet there is no update from the Scottish government as to when Shiatsu practitioners can resume their work.

I emailed my MSP Fergus Ewing today asking for clarifcation for Shiatsu and other complementary therapies. There has been no guidance about when our profession can start again. Mr Ewing replied within half an hour to say he would look into my enquiry and seek clarifcation. Hair dresser are resuming work in Scotland on 15th July. I hope to have some answers soon.

As a precaution, I will only be doing treatments from my home and so there will be no home visits for the time being. I have been given strict advice by the Shiatsu Society about how to safely work at home and I will advise clients of the protocol when they book.

I hope to be working again safely soon. I am missing all of my clients!

In the mean time I am offering a weekly zoom class on Sundays at 12pm. We learn a pair of meridians a week, gentle Qi Gong exercises, Do-In (self Shiatsu) and use tennis balls to treat ourselves. It’s great fun! Email/phone me if you want to join in. It’s free or a suggested donation of £5 per class.

0794 004 1114

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My clinic has returned to the Highlands, in Nairn

I have recently returned to the Highlands and have set up my practice in my new home in NAIRN. I am already giving treatments.

I plan to do a clinic once a month in DORNOCH.

It’s great seeing clients I have known for decades and meeting new clients who are just beginning their Shiatsu Shin Tai journey with me.

treating the Cervical 2 vertebra

Bonnie, my friendly Cockapoo, will welcome you at the front door if you wish.


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STRUCTURAL ALIGNMENT, The ‘missing link for Shiatsu practitioners’, 7-9 & 28-30 SEPTEMBER 2018, EDINBURGH

at the Healthy Life Centre, Bread St, Edinburgh.

£540, £270 for repeat students

£150 non-refundable and non-transferrable secures your place

Early bird payment in full £490 by 1st June 2018

Instalment payments available



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Central Channel course, Edinburgh 2017, participants comments

Nourishing, inspiring, challenging and enjoyable. I feel very grateful and privileged to be studying this work. It’s permaculture bodywork – lots of observation and minimal adjustment for maximum effect. Subtle yet very profound. Thanks Liz, it was awesome. Kate.

I learnt valuable life tools. The ability to affect powerful changes within the body with very gentle effort. Quality and clear instructions. Thank you for your loving guidance over the weekends. Paul.

How powerful this work is, without draining the practitioner.

Time was given to the the receiver’s feedback which helped make sense of the practical work in action.

Enlightening and inspiring.

I love the proprioceptive exercises. They have a profound effect on one’s own sense of where they are and they help me reach a true place in myself – towards healing. Dawn


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New monthly practice and review classes in Edinburgh 2017

I am planning monthly practice classes (Tuesdays 7-9pm) in Spring and review classes of GV/Spine, CV/Hara and Central Channel courses in the autumn at the Healthy Life Centre, Bread St, Edinburgh. Dates to be confirmed.

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2015 course – CV/Hara in Edinburgh

New course for 2015- CV/Hara

September 25-27 &  October 23-25 at the Healthy Life Centre, 34, Bread St, Edinburgh. £460 for 6 days. £150 deposit (non-refundable or transferable) secures your place. Early bird £430 paid in full by 1st June 2015.Shiatsu_124

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Why Study Shin Tai?

Would you like to:

Be more effective and confident in your practice?

Increase your client base and earning potential?

Learn evolving energetic ways of treating the whole body which can be easily assimilated into your present treatments?


One of the key aspects of Shin Tai is that it helps people let go of past traumas and future anxieties so they can be more in the present moment.


Saul’s passion for body work led him to develop Shin Tai (‘source body’) over many years. His fusion of energy work is taken from many diverse practices – Chiropractic, Kinesiology, Polarity Therapy and Cranio-Sacral Therapy with Shiatsu, Macrobiotics and Oriental Medicine underpinning it all. Saul himself met Masanaga in New York in the 70s attending lectures that included chiropractic adjustments.


Shiatsu Shin Tai is a complete body work that trains the practitioner to have a huge range of tools to treat everyone from babies to those at the end of life. Whether working on the Governing Vessel and Spine, Conception Vessel and Hara, Chakras, Fascia, Structure or Central Channel the aim is the same – to restore life force that has been trapped or compressed through our experiences and to return motion, alignment, will and vitality to the body and mind.


My classes are hard work, challenging at times and fun!

There is emphasis on personal development using Proprioceptive Exercises (guided meditations and gentle stretching to bring ease and space to the body). These allow you to tune into the sensations in your body at a deep level, refine ‘your inner guidance system’ to understand the information coming from your receiver while you treating them. This allows you to discover what the priority of treatment is in the body at that time so that you can be as effective and efficient with your time and energy as possible. Your clients will gain confidence in your abilities and this can turn your practice into a great success. For clients, learning Proprioceptive exercises increases the effective of any treatment you receive because it increases your awareness of the sensations in your body.


There is Anatomy & Physiology information, detailed explanations of techniques and lots of practice in class. E.g The fascia, how it works, why we have it and how it assists the movement of Qi. Using simple yet highly effective gentle techniques fascia work is particularly useful with clients in acute pain, tender joints or the elderly.

 My next Shin Tai event is in Edinburgh THURSDAY 27th November 2014 which is open to clients and practitioners of ALL body work.

Contact Liz 0794 004 1114

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