Why I love Shin Tai!

Why I love Shiatsu Shin Tai – Liz Arundel MRSS T

 My personal and professional experience of receiving and giving Shin Tai is it empowers, transforms and nourishes me on many levels.

 I discovered Shiatsu 30 years ago in the East West Centre in London. From my first lesson, sitting on chairs in a circle learning a basic neck and shoulder treatment, I realised I had found ‘home’. I left my job a few months and it has been my vocation ever since.

I became one of the youngest teachers in the Shiatsu Society in the 1980s and as the EW Centre became a magnet for world-class Shiatsu teachers, I learnt from the best: Ohashi, Pauline Sasaki, Yamamoto and many Macrobiotic teachers including Saul Goodman. He became my mentor and I still receive regular instruction from him.

I started my training with Saul in 1986 after just 2 years of Shiatsu study at the British School of Shiatsu-Do in London. I have found Shin Tai to be constant source of inspiration and fascination for my practice. As someone who gets bored quickly I would have quit Shiatsu long ago if I hadn’t discovered this evolutionary material and way of treating the body and mind.

For 13 years I didn’t see Saul while I raised my family in the Highlands and taught at the Glasgow School of Shiatsu. But I kept reading his books, my class notes and practicing Shin Tai until he returned to teach in the UK in 2006.

Through those isolated years my clients continued to give me positive feedback that the treatments were working for them on many levels. Symptoms cleared up quite quickly and many felt the treatments were working in much deeper ways. This expressed itself in them feeling they had more space and ease in their body, they were getting ‘back on their path’, were able to express how they wanted to be in the world or felt more fulfilled and creative in different areas of life.

 Since 2010 I have undergone intense training with other European Teachers to pass on Saul’s work. I am the most experienced Shin Tai teacher in the UK and the only one in Scotland. I wish to share my love and passion for this work with others. I am currently teaching in Edinburgh, London and Budapest.