Treatments feedback week of 5th May 2014

‘I feel 3 inches taller and 10 years younger after today’s treatment.  You’ve helped me a great deal over the years – especially through recovery from radio therapy and hormone therapy, which was a depressing time for me. All your treatments have reflected my mood and physical condition. Thank you for all you’ve done.’ Keith.

‘I feel soft as if I have no bones. I have a warm glow in my upper body.’ Christine.          (This lady had acute sciatica, brought on by lifting, which went after 3 treatments.)

‘I feel invigorated and warm, especially in my upper body.’ Linda                                      (This lady has arthritis in her hands and wrists.)

‘Almost 20 years ago I was told I would need a new hip as my groin pain was coming from my pelvis. Thanks to Liz’s treatments over the years I did not need a hip replacement. I take no medication and still enjoy my golf and tai chi. I cannot recommend Liz and Shiatsu highly enough.’                                                                                                                            Isobel McIntosh, past Captain of the Scottish International Ladies Golf Team.




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Structural Alignment and Central Channel review courses – Budapest October 2014

Liz will be taking the  5 day Structural course to Budapest 20-25 October & 

2 day review of the Central Channel 26-27 October 2014.

‘Central Channel work is powerful and there’s a lot of theory and practice to absorb. Liz eases you through it with her sense of humour and passion. Not only is this work improving my practice, it’s changing my life.’ Caroline Bozkurt, Shiatsu practitioner for 16 years.

Dates and venue to be confirmed. The Structural course is open to ALL body workers.

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New course in Edinburgh – Structural alignment 5-7 September & 3-5 October 2014

See ‘courses’ for details and application form

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2014 new course – Bath

Central Channel course in Bath.

7-9- & 28-30 March 2014

with Liz Arundel and Rachel Boase

‘Restoring motion, alignment and vitality’ –

Saul Goodman’s masterpiece contribution to body work

£450, non-fundable and non-transferrable

deposit of £100.

Early bird £425 by 5th Jan,

balance by 1st Feb

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Structural Alignment Bath 2013


with  Liz Arundel MRSS T & Rachel Boase MRSS T

  14th June 2-9pm, 15 & 16 June, 10-5pm

 28th June 2-9pm, 29 & 30 June, 10-5pm 

New Oriel Hall, Brookleaze Buildings, Larkhall, Bath, BA1 6RA

Have you ever wondered why some clients’ conditions don’t improve much or keep recurring? Working on the most dense energetic part of the body, the structure, may hold the clues.

 This course will give you the tools to:

Practice simple proprioceptive exercises to help align your own body, improve your energetic awareness, sensitivity and palpation skills.

Learn a series of simple yet highly effective muscle energy techniques for the hips to practice with your clients.

Learn precise and safe hip and sacral evaluations and passive corrections for the ileum, sacro-iliac joint, pubis bone, lumber vertebrae, ASIS/PSIS and sacrum.

Be a more effective practitioner and increase your clients’ confidence in your ability.

Liz Arundel has studied with and assisted Saul Goodman, the pioneer of Shiatsu Shin Tai, for 25 years and is the only trained Shin Tai teacher in Scotland. She is a former senior teacher of the British School of Shiatsu-Do, London, and a current Director of The Glasgow School of Shiatsu.

She has also received teachings from Ohashi, Pauline Sasaki and Shizuto Yamamoto over several years. She studied Craniosacral Therapy with one of the leading teachers in the UK, Thomas Attlee, at the College of CST.

Rachel Boase is a Shin Tai Central Channel Teacher & CST practitioner in the Salisbury area, and an Equine Bodyworker working to enhance proprioceptive awareness in horses.

Cost £500, non-refundable deposit of £100 to reserve a place.

Early Bird discount £450 paid by 1st April

Cheques to Liz Arundel, 1, Bridge St, Dornoch, Sutherland, IV25 3SQ

Or pay via digital banking. Please phone for details.



Liz:  0794 004 1114/ 01862 811423             

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GV/Spine course 6-8 & 27-29 April 2012, Edinburgh

This course is the core of the Shiatsu-Shintai approach to releasing deeply held patterns and habits in the body and mind. I am still curious and fascinated how it works after practicing it for 25 years! Through receiving treatments in class, students become more attuned when they work on each other which improves the quality of their treatments.

The course deposit of £100 is due on 1st March and the balance of £300 on 1st April.

I hope you will join me on these 2 weekends for a memorable experience. Please view past students comments on Courses page.

Best wishes, Liz

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2013 courses

Central Channel Release

This course shows how to activate and energise the Primary Information System through a series of gentle and precise holds on the dural membrane attachments.

This is Saul Goodman’s masterpiece contribution to bodywork which I have been studying for 25 years.

I have been waiting all my life to share this material! It has revolutionised the way I treat clients  and they respond very positively to it.

It will be the first presentation in Scotland, held at The Healthy Living Centre, Bread St, Edinburgh.

Dates: 1-3 March and 12-14 April 2013 confirmed.

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