Advanced Central Channel, Part 1, Nottingham 16-19 March 2018

Kindy Kaur and myself will be team teaching this fantastic course in Nottingham on Friday 16th March, 3-9pm and Saturday 17th- Monday 19th March, 10-5.30pm.

We visited Saul Goodman in the USA at the end of November 2017 to be trained in teaching this material. It will be the first time the Advanced CC has been taught in the UK by someone other than Saul and so it is  a great honour for us.

Part 2, 1-3 December 2018. Students have to complete Part 1 first.

Requirements: You must have completed the CC course, be using it regularly on clients and be familiar with all the 6 stages and protocols. If you are unsure if it’s suitable for you, please speak to us. We will be accepting registrations on a case-by-case basis as each participant is on a unique journey.

Contact Kindy Kaur for details and registration:

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