Why Study Shin Tai?

Would you like to:

Be more effective and confident in your practice?

Increase your client base and earning potential?

Learn evolving energetic ways of treating the whole body which can be easily assimilated into your present treatments?


One of the key aspects of Shin Tai is that it helps people let go of past traumas and future anxieties so they can be more in the present moment.


Saul’s passion for body work led him to develop Shin Tai (‘source body’) over many years. His fusion of energy work is taken from many diverse practices – Chiropractic, Kinesiology, Polarity Therapy and Cranio-Sacral Therapy with Shiatsu, Macrobiotics and Oriental Medicine underpinning it all. Saul himself met Masanaga in New York in the 70s attending lectures that included chiropractic adjustments.


Shiatsu Shin Tai is a complete body work that trains the practitioner to have a huge range of tools to treat everyone from babies to those at the end of life. Whether working on the Governing Vessel and Spine, Conception Vessel and Hara, Chakras, Fascia, Structure or Central Channel the aim is the same – to restore life force that has been trapped or compressed through our experiences and to return motion, alignment, will and vitality to the body and mind.


My classes are hard work, challenging at times and fun!

There is emphasis on personal development using Proprioceptive Exercises (guided meditations and gentle stretching to bring ease and space to the body). These allow you to tune into the sensations in your body at a deep level, refine ‘your inner guidance system’ to understand the information coming from your receiver while you treating them. This allows you to discover what the priority of treatment is in the body at that time so that you can be as effective and efficient with your time and energy as possible. Your clients will gain confidence in your abilities and this can turn your practice into a great success. For clients, learning Proprioceptive exercises increases the effective of any treatment you receive because it increases your awareness of the sensations in your body.


There is Anatomy & Physiology information, detailed explanations of techniques and lots of practice in class. E.g The fascia, how it works, why we have it and how it assists the movement of Qi. Using simple yet highly effective gentle techniques fascia work is particularly useful with clients in acute pain, tender joints or the elderly.

 My next Shin Tai event is in Edinburgh THURSDAY 27th November 2014 which is open to clients and practitioners of ALL body work.

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