Treatments feedback week of 5th May 2014

‘I feel 3 inches taller and 10 years younger after today’s treatment.  You’ve helped me a great deal over the years – especially through recovery from radio therapy and hormone therapy, which was a depressing time for me. All your treatments have reflected my mood and physical condition. Thank you for all you’ve done.’ Keith.

‘I feel soft as if I have no bones. I have a warm glow in my upper body.’ Christine.          (This lady had acute sciatica, brought on by lifting, which went after 3 treatments.)

‘I feel invigorated and warm, especially in my upper body.’ Linda                                      (This lady has arthritis in her hands and wrists.)

‘Almost 20 years ago I was told I would need a new hip as my groin pain was coming from my pelvis. Thanks to Liz’s treatments over the years I did not need a hip replacement. I take no medication and still enjoy my golf and tai chi. I cannot recommend Liz and Shiatsu highly enough.’                                                                                                                            Isobel McIntosh, past Captain of the Scottish International Ladies Golf Team.