Liz Arundel

Liz Arundel BA, MRSS(T)

  • Shiatsu Shin Tai & Craniosacral Therapy
  • Shiatsu Society registered practitioner and teacher – MRSS(T)
  • College of Craniosacral Therapy Graduate

I have studied with Saul Goodman, the pioneer of Shin Tai, since 1986 and    am the most experienced  Shin Tai teacher in the UK.

I have also had the good fortune to study with eminent international Shiatsu masters in the 80s and 90s – Ohashi, Pauline Sasaki and Shizuto Yamamoto. I was taught CST by one of the leading teachers in the UK, Thomas Attlee, and graduated from the College of CST in 1993.

I have been teaching Shiatsu for 27 years and  am the only trained Shiatsu Shin Tai teacher in Scotland. I am currently instructing Shin Tai courses in Edinburgh, Bath  and Budapest. These workshops are open to ALL body workers, can contribute to professional Continuous Personal Development (CPD) and will give the practitioner a whole range of tools to improve the effectiveness of their treatments. They can also by other body workers and for people interested in treating family and friends.

After graduating with a degree in Sociology and Social Administration from London University in 1982, I worked as an occupational therapist helper in the NHS with teenagers with severe learning difficulties. In 1984 I discovered Shiatsu as an aid to recurring sciatica. I was so impressed with its healing effects, I left my job to train at the British School of Shiatsu-Do in London and graduated in 1986. A year later I was accepted onto the Shiatsu Society’s practitioner and teachers register and I have been a member of its assessment panel.

From 1987-93 I taught full time at the BSS-Do and began studying the gentle effects of Craniosacral Therapy in 1990. I graduated from the College of CST in 1993 and became a Director and senior teacher of the Glasgow School of Shiatsu that year. I lived in the Highlands for 20 years raising my family while completing my Shin Tai teacher training with Saul in Europe and USA. I became one of six teachers in the UK to be trained to continue his work.

My two children were born in Raigmore Hospital, Inverness with the aid of Shiatsu and I have given treatments to several friends while they gave birth. I have also been involved with the National Childbirth Trust. Since becoming a mother, I particularly enjoy treating babies and children using CST, encouraging healthy pregnancies and a gentle approach to birth.

In June 2014 I moved to Edinburgh to offer more Shin Tai courses, develop my teaching & establish my practice in the Duddingston area of Edinburgh.